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December 1, 2017

S T O C K H O L M. A city that could double as the set of a Wes Anderson film with the added scent of warm cinnamon and cardamom floating in the air. Magic. From the historic, cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan to the hip concept stores of Södermalm, it's a place Conrad and I miss every day and could truly see ourselves living in. It is often compared to Copenhagen and I can see why - Scandinavian style, amazing coffee, clean, and hip - but upon arriving I immediately noticed some key differences: it's much more racially diverse, home to numerous sustainable clothing labels, and filled to the brim with sweet sweet kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon buns). Always a plus. Brb, I need to go check some flights


F A V O R I T E  N E I G H B O R H O O D S


Södermalm: Conrad and I spent the majority of our time here due to the wide array of coffee shops, concept stores, and interesting people 


Gamla Stan: This is the true center of Stockholm and the most historic. A winding maze lined with crooked buildings and grey cobblestone streets. Like any other city, this means it's also the most touristic. On account of this, Conrad and I made the mistake of avoiding the area altogether until the very end of our stay. What were we thinking. It's true that many of the streets are lined with tourist traps, but there are just as many that are empty and quietly transport you back in time. It was surreal to walk down them


Vasastan: This neighborhood is a bit further from the center and more residential, making the small local shops and cafes feel like true hidden gems


C O F F E E / C A F E S


Drop Coffee Roasters: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, 118 50 Stockholm, Sweden


Drop is located at what quickly became our favorite T stop: Mariatorget. No matter where Conrad and I planned on going that day, we would always hop off the T here first to grab the most amazing pastries we've had during our travels (no lie, see Bageri Petrus below) followed by a lovely coffee from here


Johan & Nyström: Multiple Locations


Also located at the Mariatorget stop (magic I tell ya) is this roaster that was founded by a group of coffee-loving friends


Kaffeverket: Sankt Eriksgatan 88, 113 62 Stockholm, Sweden


A beautiful interior, great coffee, and even better food. This cafe had the most colorful and generous vegan salad on its menu that paired beautifully with its daily vegan soups. It's all we wanted during Stockholm's chilly September days 


Snickarbacken 7: Snickarbacken 7, 111 39 Stockholm, Sweden


This cafe has the same menu and similar vibe to its sister-cafes, Kaffeverket (above) and newly opened Gast Cafe (below), with the addition of a concept store filled to the brim with locally made ceramics, interesting books, and unique prints


Gast Cafe: Rådmansgatan 57, 113 60 Stockholm, Sweden


Located on the border of Vasastan and Norrmalm, this is the sister cafe of Snickarbacken 7 and Kaffeverket and just as good. Yes, we went to all three! (like...numerous times)


Café Pascal: Norrtullsgatan 4, 113 29 Stockholm, Sweden


This space is almost always packed and there's a reason why


Cafe Pom & Flora: Bondegatan 64, 116 29 Stockholm, Sweden


A tiny, bright cafe located in Södermalm with avocado toast, chia pudding, acai bowls, and the likes on its menu

 Drop Coffee Roasters

 Drop Coffee Roasters



 Snickarbacken 7

Gast Cafe

Gast Cafe

Gast Cafe

Gast Cafe

Café Pascal

Cafe Pom & Flora 



Bageri Petrus: Swedenborgsgatan 4B, 118 48 Stockholm, Sweden


Remember the Mariatorget T stop I mentioned earlier? The first time we walked out of it to visit Drop Coffee Roasters (see "Coffee/Cafes") we came across this GEM. We were struck by the warmest, sweetest, cinnamon bread scent floating out of the cracked door of the warmly lit space. There is always a line, but it's worth it. My recommended must is the morning bun. Their version is a traditional kanelbullar made with croissant dough instead. And probably ten times the amount of butter. It melts in your mouth to say the least. Conrad's pick is their pastel de nata - the best we've ever tried with just a hint of orange. He couldn't speak for ten minutes after trying it that first morning. Have I convinced you?! 


Fabrique: Multiple Locations, 11 to be exact!


You will find one of these bakeries almost anywhere in the city. The interiors are beautiful as well as the pastries 


Bakery & Spice: Torsgatan 46, 113 62 Stockholm, Sweden


We happened upon this bright shop right after lunch and were unfortunately too full to try anything. I'm sticking it on this list anyways because the pastries did look amazing and the woman behind the counter was so sweet

Bageri Petrus






Bakery & Spice

Bakery & Spice

S H O P  L O C A L


Grandpa Store: Multiple Locations


An awesome concept store with unique, curated finds ranging from sustainable clothing to quirky books and prints. The Södermalm location we visited is also attached to a spacious IIl Caffé


Nudie Jeans: Multiple Locations


Sweden is home to this organic cotton/socially responsible denim brand. It's one of Conrad's favorites so we stopped in several times - they offer free repair services!


Stutterheim: Åsögatan 136, 116 24 Stockholm, Sweden


Sweden is also home to these rad raincoats. We visited their Stockholm brick & mortar and were floored by the quality. I own the Mosebacke in Charcoal thanks to an Instagram collaboration I am working on with them and couldn't love it more! I recommend sizing down at least one if not two sizes, trust me. These run quite large


Supermarket Cajsa Warg: Renstiernas gata 20, 116 31 Stockholm, Sweden


A cozy natural foods store located in Vasastan filled with locally made and organic products


Urban Deli: Multiple Locations


Part natural foods store, part restaurant, and part coffee shop/bakery in a fun, hip space - be sure to checkout the rooftop at their "Hotel with Urban Deli" location! A can't miss view (for free)


Herr Judit Brandstationen: Hornsgatan 64, 118 51 Stockholm, Sweden


A plant-filled vintage home goods store


Sandqvist: Multiple Locations


Two brothers founded this sustainably made, everyday bag brand in Stockholm


Adisgladis: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 8 118 50 Stockholm, Sweden


Located directly next to Drop Coffee Roasters (see "coffee/cafes") this shop focuses on sustainable clothing and practical goods 


Cleancut Store: Hornsgatan 42; 11821 Stockholm, Sweden


We had a long conversation with the sweet employee at this beautiful Japanese knife store (I can't remember his name!) They handcraft their own handles as well


Objects and Goods: Dalagatan 26, 113 24 Stockholm, Sweden


This tiny shop is run by the sweetest couple and carries handmade goods that reflect their backgrounds/interests - mostly from Sweden, Italy, and Japan. We had about an hour long conversation with the wife as she actually attended the same University as us! Small world, indeed 


Tambur: Folkungagatan 85, 116 22 Stockholm, Sweden


A home goods store with a beautiful interior and unique items 


Grandpa Store

Grandpa Store

Il Caffé

Il Caffé

 Hotel with Urban Deli rooftop

 Hotel with Urban Deli rooftop

Herr Judit Brandstationen


H A N G  L O C A L


Moderna Museet: Exercisplan 4, 111 49 Stockholm, Sweden


One of the most intriguing modern art museums I've ever been to. A curation of such thought provoking art with a lovely gift shop inside 


Hornstulls Marknad: 6, Hornstulls strand 4, 117 39 Stockholm, Sweden


Part flea and part food truck, this small market takes place along the water from spring to early fall 


Parkour Park: Multiple Locations


There is quite a large parkour scene in Stockholm and although we never made it to one of the many parks for these, it was on our list! (to watch...not partake haha)


Stockholm Public Library: Sveavägen 73, 113 50 Stockholm, Sweden


Designed by Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund, this library's great room is breathtaking - a must!


Stockholm Public Library







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