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hot, torn rustic bread, a misshapen ceramic, newly cured lavender soap, and the smooth curves in milk-colored cheesecloth. i am a visual storyteller that grew up in new hampshire with an ever-growing intrigue for objects made by hand. the feeling of all the different textures in a store was so worth the scold from my parents and nothing is more comforting to me than a new england orchard brimming with ripe peaches and cinnamon-scented pies.

i moved to boston in my early twenties to pursue a masters degree in integrated marketing communication. it was during that first unforgiving, blizzardy winter that i spent snowed-in days shut into my tiny apartment with an oven and a camera. come spring, i emerged with a fervor for styling + photography that i explored in my free time ever since. my free time. because as you probably know - rent, loans, and reality can hit hard and fast - and unrealistic passions can just as quickly be placed on the back burner of tiny apartment ovens.


despite that, our decision happened so swiftly and unexpectedly. to be honest, i'm still processing whether this is my reality. not too long ago - fueled by the adrenaline of the topic - my partner and i stayed up far too late (considering we had work in the morning) to pour our impossible dreams onto one another. i told him: to not settle down too quickly, ​see the world, give styling a chance, taste all the flavors, and photograph it all. he told me nearly the same thing.


we booked a one-way flight to copenhagen a few days later.


are we crazy? probably. but this space is devoted to the wild ones that yearn to do the same. to the alternative explorers that don't follow a straight path. and to the innately curious that appreciate craft, hole-in-the-wall eateries, the taste of in-season produce, makers stories, advice from the locals, savoring damn. fine. coffee, and the adventure in it all. 

welcome to our wild year around the world. i'm so glad you're here.

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